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 Wolfteam New speed hack

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el prof omar

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مُساهمةموضوع: Wolfteam New speed hack   السبت مارس 24, 2012 12:08 pm

I AM A PROGRAMMER. I created some of the games u guys are playing now.

Thus, this hack would work 100%.

I am in process of developing a full wolfteam hack and release it free
of charge to everyone because to my knowledge, there is no such
existence of a free hack YET.

Speed hack. I would not reveal how to use it. Just use your brains,
click on every button in the hack and finally u would find the way.

The trick is this is a speed hack. You just need this to pawn, no need a superhack.

But for all those greedy, wait for 1 more month.

I would not bother to post virus scans neither do i bother to post
pictures. This is because i do not give a **** about people who do not
trust the hack itself. So if you dont trust it, dont even bloody
download it. If other people tried it and it works, dont blame me. BTW,
there is antiban in it, you shall never be discovered and it would work
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NmDH4x Speed Hack.rar (1.63 MB, 247 views)
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Wolfteam New speed hack
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